12 Dec

I love this video. But I love these kiddos even more. 

Two things catch my eye when listening to each of them. 

1. They are all young. Really young. And if they're learning about cost of goods, profit margins, and branding now, imagine how they'll be thinking as teens. I mean, really, imagine it. I believe their perspective will be fundamentally changed as consumers. After running a business, it's hard not to be thoughtful as to how you want to spend your own money. Value itself fundamentally is weighed differently. Teaching kids and setting them free to be business owners will create kids who understand economics and view spending and saving differently even if they never choose to own another business. 

2. They each were in a business that constituted "their own lane" of interests. If they liked to bake, they created a business related to baking. If they liked art, they created a business related to art. Business success must stem in part from an activity or item you know something about. If you're personally invested in an interest, you'll have more energy to stick with a project even when things or problems get hard. If you're thinking about a business, think about your own interests first. 

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