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More and more, the future is being influenced and created by kids and teens. Growing up with access to computers, mobile phones and the  internet have led young people to create amazing things from websites to global social movements. With these tools young people are also creating small and large businesses that I believe will shape the future of Main Street.
The problem is, as popular as entrepreneurial efforts are viewed these days, most kids don’t have a place to explore that as a young person.
Kids need a space to ask other kids and adults business-related questions.
Kids need encouragement.
Kids deserve to be inspired.
Because kids are Building Main Street.
This website’s for them.

  •  12/12/2022 02:39 PM

Kids in Louisiana are in business!

  •  12/7/2022 10:06 AM

Omaha, Nebraska celebrates kids exploring entrepreneurship.

  •  4/16/2021 01:43 PM

Meet David, 20-something away at college and running his own YouTube success story.

  •  3/10/2021 09:00 AM

How do we keep our phones with us but not have to carry them in our hands all the time?

  •  3/7/2021 08:00 AM

Here are some business ideas that have been bubbling in my head that I wish someone near me would put into action!

  •  3/5/2021 06:52 AM

There are lots of women in history I respect. But Madam CJ Walker is someone I wish I could have dinner with today.

  •  2/28/2021 09:11 AM

Learn the answer to the question which is better, net or gross profit?

  •  2/24/2021 09:59 AM

Celebrating Black History Month by Celebrating Kids Building the Future

Sharon Soliday

Wife, Mom, CEO, Mentor for Kids

The best leaders get stuck. Our goal here on Building Main Street is to support kids, teens, and young people who have questions about running their own businesses. Ask questions, share ideas, provide your own inspiration for someone else. We're always interested to know what you're thinking and doing.

Your safety always comes first. Please do not provide detailed personal information that would reveal who you are or where you live. 

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