24 Feb

I love the stories of these kids who are all building main street. Whether you have an interest in lemonade, bow ties, or financial advice all of these kids have great stories to share. My biggest take away from each of them is to never let your age decide if you're ready to own your own business.

But, let me go a step further, and highlight actual products I love and are only available because of these creative albeit young business leaders.

1. This amazing hat by Maya's Ideas


Maya captured the sophisticated but casual look I simply adore. I love the embellishment at the lip of the hat and admittedly, this hat will match 2 of my cold weather coats perfectly. The antique lace is a sweet feminine touch. And yes, I bought it. Btw, super easy checkout. 

2. This Super Cool Bow Tie by Mo's Bows


But I dig bright and colorful. And maybe my nephew doesn't. So despite the fact that I fell in love with this beauty, he may want to try something else. Fortunately, I was grateful Mo's Bows offered the convenience of an electronic gift card I could send instantly to him so he could make his own choice. Bonus, I loved that I could pick my own amount for the gift card and I was able to write my own message. Thank you, Mo, for making being a cool auntie easy. 


And #3. Cory's Cookies

Perhaps b/c my first business was selling cookies to my peers in high school  but I was immediately charmed by Cory and his business. My first purchase? A gift of a dozen cookies to my sister and her family. They live across the country but Cory's site assures me they will be delivered fresh and ready to be gobbled up. Which did I buy? Well, these HUMONGOUS STUFFED S'Mores Cookies, of course.


If you find something irresistible for yourself on these sites, let me know! I'd love to know what you'd buy from kids that are building main street!

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