07 Mar

I’m one of those people constantly filtering business ideas. A friend recently told me she marvels at my perspective . . no matter where I am or what I’m looking at I tend to see how to monetize a part of it. I don’t do it intentionally and it’s not always a blessing,  I’m just sort of wired that way. Regardless, here are some business ideas that have been bubbling in my head as of late that I wish someone near me would put into action!

  1. Walk My Dog in Style. Seriously. My pooches are spoiled like thousands of other pooches. And although I walk them daily, I love when someone offers to take them on an adventure that will wear them out further. A new hike? A different dog park? New doggie friends? But make it easy for me. Come pick up my pet and follow up with photos and a note from my dog talking about how much fun they’re having. Yes, I’d pay for that. How is it not already a national franchise? Imagine at the end of the year . . . you could sell me a memory book of his trips with doggie buddies . . . a calendar of his photos . . . lots of upsale potential.

  1. I know lots of older folks who would enjoy an old fashion pen pal with a younger person. Some older adults get tech but lots don’t. How cool would it be if I could buy a pen pal subscription for my grandmother as a gift. A letter a week about yourself or current events as you see them, etc. I’d pay for that in a heartbeat! Less stuff, more sharing and connecting.

  1. For the hundreds of cards they sell at airports, I wish someone sold packets of decorative cards, maybe with a few embellishments [stickers, etc.], WITH POSTAGE. I want to sit a plane and write thank you cards. If I’m sitting in front of the TV, I want everything handy so I can pick a card, write a message, embellish, and put on a stamp for delivery and be done. How many cards don’t ever get mailed or sit around forever b/c finding a stamp is never convenient. But what if it was . . . 

  1. I love to throw theme parties for friends and family. But it takes a lot of work-finding the right decorations, costumes, themed party games. How delightful it would be if someone sold a box of Theme Parties Made Easy or virtual site giving paid access with a multitude of links to order whatever it is I wanted. Do the leg work for me. I’d pay for the convenience. 

  1. I love being Auntie Sharon and I’m lucky enough to have a gaggle of nieces and nephews. However, I don’t know what’s cool and hip for different kids and different ages with very different interests. I’d love a kid-perspective website I could check out when birthdays or the holidays are coming up. What are some cool options for an 8 year old boy into science? How about a 12 year old girl interested in gardening? Sometimes kids have wish lists but it would be lovely to have a one-stop resource with great suggestions AND a young person’s opinion on what makes it Great or Not-so-great. There should be more to suggestions for kids than the Amazon portal offers. 
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