10 Mar

11 years old and a brilliant idea.
Thank you, Sofia Overton!

How do we keep our phones with us but not have to carry them in our hands all the time?

I love that Sofia recognized a problem doesn’t have to stay a problem. That despite millions (MILLIONS!) of people having the same problem with no universal solution, one 11 year old young lady can identify at least one solution for at least a few hundred thousand of those folks.


Lots of people wear them. And lots of people have phones they hate carrying around all the time. I can’t say I would have ever put those 2 together to create a solution but Olivia did.

Check out Sofia’s business, WisePocket Products. https://wisepocketproducts.com/pages/about-us

And check out their Facebook page! https://www.facebook.com/wisepocketproducts

I’ve reached out to Sofia thru her website to see if she’s interested in sharing her story with our audience. Stay tuned! Regardless, she’s an inspiration but more importantly, a problem-solver making history.

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