Sharon Soliday
Wife, Mom, CEO, Mentor for Kids

As a kid, I was never the smartest one in class. 

I was always talking in class.

I was passing notes when I should have been taking notes. 

I liked school but was impatient with busy work and craved wanting to know how all this stuff applied to my future.

I wasn’t popular. 

I wasn’t cool.

But I had a lot of questions

And I was always interested in hustling for a buck.

Today I am a wife, a mom, a speech-language pathologist, a CEO, a board member, an advocate for kids, and have owned multiple businesses, the most recent being a multimillion dollar company, The Hello Foundation, I built from the ground up.

As an adult, my passion is supporting all kids from all backgrounds.

And my hope is this site will answer questions other kids may have. I'm hoping young people will add to the discussions and share their opinions. 

After all, kids are building main street and deserve all the guidance they can get.